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Default [GURPS resources] T Bone's Games Diner updates & announcements

Per this discussion, I'm adding my GURPS-related blog to the growing directory in GURPS Websites: Blogs, Wikis, Feeds . . . and am also creating a single new forum thread to announce blog updates and other announcements. Here's my site overview:

T Bone's Games Diner (by T Bone): A long-running RPG blog focused on GURPS hacking and homebrew game design. Some items of broad interest: The GURPS Diner, experimental hacks, reader-contributed content, and Games Diner goodies on e23. Some specific GURPS faves: GULLIVER Mini notes on odd-sized creature design (GURPS 4e), GLAIVE Mini weapon design system (4e), Edge Protection armor rules (4e), COSH weapon skill system (3e), and GURPS Metric. Plus lots more; explore via search or copious topic tags. To keep up with new additions (which are... lovingly slow-cooked, let's say), watch this forum thread, the RSS feed, or this Twitter feed. Or just drop by and say HI once in a while.

All of which is old stuff to anyone on this forum. Don't worry; this thread will quickly sink to the bottom of the forum, to rise again only when summoned. (Kind of like Cthulhu.)

Watch for news of site updates. Thank you!
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