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Default Re: New Gurps Utility for Droid

MA Hit Locations and "miss by 1" results, woot!

This app is super-fantastic, JMD. If each player at the table is running it and takes the time to pre-set their usual attacks? That is some serious streamlining. Bravo.

Only suggestions I can think of (all for the Hit Locations in the Combat Roller):
  • Put the skill penalty of the Hit Locations right on the drop-down list. I know the penalty shows up in red once you've chosen a location, but if "Neck" could be written as "Neck (-5)" in the drop-down, I could see at a glance all of the relative values to aid in choosing.
  • Add the Hit Location "special effects" text when a successful hit is rolled -- in the same way the critical hit/miss text displays currently, but with the info summarized here (and elsewhere).
  • If I choose "Random" as the Hit Location and calculate an attack, the numeric hit penalty is displayed, but not the actual location -- so I can't tell the player where I just smacked him. :)

I would have been thrilled with just the Combat Roller, but with all the other incredibly useful sub-apps (particularly the GURPS-tailored Dice Roller) too? Outstanding!
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