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Default Re: Recovering from Fatigue Caused by Missed Sleep

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
Let's say I've lost 5 FP due to missed sleep, but can only afford to take a 3 hour nap at the moment. According to RAW, which is correct?
  1. I wake up with 6 hours in my "stay awake bank", but still down 5 FP for missed sleep.
  2. I wake up just as tired as before my nap and still down 5 FP for missed sleep. I.e. I gained no benefit because it wasn't 8 uninterrupted hours.
I'd say (1), with the caveat that going to sleep again resets the "stay awake bank" rather than stacks with any hours remaining.

So you're sleep deprived. You take a three hour nap. You can now stay awake for six hours before the sleep deprived penalties kick back in. Four hours after your three hour nap, you take another three hour nap. You are back to six hours of awake time rather than the eight you'd have it the hours stacked.

Effectively, you hit a wall so many hours after your last sleep. That you went to sleep before you had to merely wastes the hours that you could have been awake.
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