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Default Re: Recovering from Fatigue Caused by Missed Sleep

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
So ... you'd go to sleep, wake up four hours early and be able to stay awake eight hours before suffering the effects of Staying Up Late.
(16 - (4 * 2) ) = 8
Agreed, this is RAW and I like it. So, continuing the above example, you don't say up eight hours, you only stay up four hours (the length of your watch) then go to sleep with four hours left in your "stay awake bank" and get four more hours of sleep. When you wake up, you'd be able to stay awake twelve hours before suffering the effects of Staying Up Late, (4 + (4 * 2) ) = 12. Agreed?

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
That [your house rule] produces decidedly non-human behaviors if applied as the human norm for a setting but that you've already stated that you are discarding realism in this case for the sake of playability. It looks playable.
"decidedly non-human behaviors": I don't like the sound of that.

I'm still not sure what the order of operations should be for my house rule when going to sleep with FP loss due to missed sleep.
  1. Add to your "stay awake bank" first, then recover FP due to missed sleep.
  2. Recover FP due to missed sleep first, then add to your "stay awake bank".
  3. Both happen concurrently.
Which of the above is more realistic? I believe the RAW is an extreme #1: you can only recover FP lost due to missed sleep by sleeping an uninterrupted 8+ hours. I find this overly harsh and it is part of the reason for my house rule.

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