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Default Re: Recovering from Fatigue Caused by Missed Sleep

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
1. So, if you're suffering fatigue due to missed sleep, and you have a middle watch--sleep 4 hours, watch 4 hours, sleep 4 hours--you would recover 0 FP, but you'd not lose additional FP for another 12 hours? (8 hours sleep allows you to stay awake 16 hours; you subtract 4 hours because of that middle watch.)
Originally Posted by GURPS Basic, pg 427: Getting Up Early
If you sleep for less than your full sleep period, you’ll still be tired when you wake up. Subtract twice the hours of missed sleep from your day to determine how long you can stay awake. For example, if your sleep period is eight hours and you sleep only six hours, you’ve missed two hours of sleep. You will suffer the effects of staying up late after only 12 hours: your usual 16-hour day, minus four hours (twice your hours of missed sleep).
So ... you'd go to sleep, wake up four hours early and be able to stay awake eight hours before suffering the effects of Staying Up Late.
(16 - (4 * 2) ) = 8

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
2. What do you think of this house rule? For every 1 hour you sleep, you can either stay awake 2 hours without losing FP or regain 1 FP due to lost sleep. The recovery of FP happens before "stay awake" hours are accumulated.
That it produces decidedly non-human behaviors if applied as the human norm for a setting but that you've already stated that you are discarding realism in this case for the sake of playability. It looks playable.
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