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Default Recovering from Fatigue Caused by Missed Sleep

From B427: You can only recover from fatigue caused by missed sleep by sleeping for at least one full sleep period. This restores 1 FP. Further uninterrupted sleep restores 1 FP per hour.
1. So, if you're suffering fatigue due to missed sleep, and you have a middle watch--sleep 4 hours, watch 4 hours, sleep 4 hours--you would recover 0 FP, but you'd not lose additional FP for another 12 hours? (8 hours sleep allows you to stay awake 16 hours; you subtract 4 hours because of that middle watch.)

2. What do you think of this house rule? For every 1 hour you sleep, you can either stay awake 2 hours without losing FP or regain 1 FP due to lost sleep. The recovery of FP happens before "stay awake" hours are accumulated.

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