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Default Re: Monsters that give you extra rewards

Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
If I'm fighting the Potted Plant, I get an Elf to help me, and together we defeat it, do I draw an extra treasure? If I'm an Elf too, do I draw two extra treasures?
If you or your helper is an Elf, the Potted Plant will give you an extra Treasure when you kill it. You don't get two Treasures if you're both Elves.

Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
How exactly do I get the extra level for frying the Large Angry Chicken? Do I (or a helper) just use a fiery item? (Is there a secret recipe?)
If you have an Item that explicitly says it counts as a fire/flame attack, or it is obviously a fire/flame attack (such as Flaming Armor), then the LAC is worth two levels, not one. It happens automatically, and you do not need 11 secret herbs and spices.
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