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Default Re: Disadvantages and Cooperativeness

I explicitly append "toward everyone but PCs" to all mental disadvantages other than Sense of Duty (Companions) and similar traits that enhance group cohesion; e.g., Chummy. I am well aware that this is (1) "meta" and (2) a free limitation that ought to make the disadvantage worth fewer points. I don't care. My justification is that "the whole world" is still six or more orders of magnitude larger than the PC party in nearly all settings, and that people who work together in close proximity learn to put their foibles on hold around allies and/or ignore their allies' problems, and that's good enough for me. All of which means that the social contract at my gaming table includes "Thou shalt not be annoying to other players and then point to disadvantages to justify it."

When I first took up GURPS in 1986, I didn't do things this way. The result was hours of valuable gaming time lost to players being argumentative over who was using Kleptomania to justify stealing what from friends, whose Honesty was keeping the party thief from filling his niche, religious Fanaticism resulting in PCs being strapped to altars of blood gods, etc. That was fun at first, then distracting, and finally annoying, because the story was perpetually sidetracked. Since changing to my current way of thinking in around 1990, I've seen disadvantages limit the PCs well enough to justify their cost without leading to frustrating PvP conflict. I like it better.
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