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Default Re: Updating/recreating GURPS Mage the Ascension to 4ed

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
As long as you are runing a mage game, and everyone is a mage then there is no problem using the rules as written for MtA.

However, if you are using multiple magical system or not everyone is a mage then you may be giving a serious imbalance to mages (wither for or against I am not sure).

I would strongly suggest the following changes:

->Moving the pricing scheme fully to realm based magic (actually makes it cheaper)
->Have the energy be 'free', the cost comes in the form of paradox
->Magery == Avatar
->Arete is a single bang skill (call it arete! if you want, I would call it Magic! just to get the point across) and continues to be the single control skill for all realm spheres. If you want to strengthen the dissociation between the ability to work magic and the intellect of the worker have it be based on a base 10 stat rather then IQ. Have magery limit the maximum of this skill as per RPM magic (skill can be no higher then 12+magery value).

The existing paradox rules in GURPS MtA are actually pretty succinct, but you might enjoy a more negotiable methodology, turning paradox into a form of threshold based magic (with more mage appropriate calamity checks), the reason why I would want to look into this is because it allows for more flexibility and differentiation between mages/traditions. One mage could be extremely resistant to paradox (increase threshold), able to work vulgar effects more reliably and regularly, another could have virtually no tolerance for paradox (decreased or potentially no threshold), but be a stronger mage (due to increased points from giving up that threshold).
Thanks for the input.

In my game the PC would most likely all be Mages. Although if I get really ambitious I might try to convert the other WoD books and eventually allow vampires, werewolves. changelings, etc. That would be quite a bit to balance however. Standard GURPS spells as skill will be for non-Mage NPC hedge wizards, no other magic systems. I'm trying to recreate the G:MtA experience relatively closely.

I think, although I haven't really tested it, that Mages using MtA spheres or realms will come out more powerful than the users of most other magic systems, or non magic using characters, at most reasonable point values. The system allows for both tremendous flexibility and impressive power.

Is there a particular reason that you have for making Arete a bang skill and having it cover all spheres, instead of keeping individual sphere skills? Other than simplifying the character sheet a little, I'm not seeing any major advantage.

Paradox I'll probably keep as is in G:MtA. I'm not looking to reinvent the game, just update it.
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