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Default Re: minor question 1 of 3: sneaking past goblins

I'd like to echo the "roll once" school. Only roll again when circumstances worsen for the sneak: the sneak speeds up enough to acquire a more severe speed penalty, uses a skill that could make noise (say, Fast-Draw), moves onto trickier footing (like gravel) . . . or the victims can suddenly bring new senses into play (say, going from Hearing only to Hearing and Vision) or are joined by friends. Otherwise, "a roll per scene" is about right. To make it more dynamic when using a map, have the victims positioned in such a way that the sneak has to clamber over stuff (forcing another roll), or moving such that the sneak has to speed up to stay out of sight (ditto). Clever choices of where to step, and how fast, can avoid some rolls, making it a lot like silent chess even if no dice are tumbling.
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