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Originally Posted by crretin View Post
Alright how about this instead

Same backstory as before except he was abandoned on an off world city, he grew up as a member of an illegal fighting tournament and then later became a street docter. Now he works as a physician for hire. As for what he looks like, imagine Quasimodo, now imagine him with a ton of battle scars.
I'm not quite sure why you changed, but its fine with me. A physician is a useful concept. Street doctor is... unusual. I'm not sure how one becomes a doctor without a massive amount of education, particularly at TL 10. I suppose he can get it by reading, but such dedication should be indicated else where in the character description. More will follow later on optimization.

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
What was the year / TL of Earth before the attack?
Earth was attacked around 2150. I should probably give a date. They had a series of wars versus transhumanists shortly before discovering a much faster version of the warp drive. the TL was early 10. Most improvements since then have been power and warp based, and many technologies have been lost. The bio and cyber tech of the Trans-humanists were quite good, but most of that has been lost.

Are there any non-humans at these settlements and whatnot? Have we seen the "destroyers of earth that was" since they blew up our blue marble? Any other intelligent species humans interact with?
All aliens are very different, and humanity's experience so far is most aliens are quite xenophobic. The "destroyers of earth" are a particuarly intolerant breed, and have a nice tech edge on everyone else, but are quite rare, quarrelsome within themselves, and seem to have been forced out of this area of space. Their legacy is technology: a few artifacts are left, mostly ships and weapons. They have a "ghost particle weapon" no one else seems able to make.

Two other types are around. Some interaction happens, but its wary and violence is common. The Lichanen has several different six-legged forms that they use, and lots of different castes, which seem to be different species. They are experts at biological and chemical warfare.

The other is series of aliens engineered for a wide variety of environments that look like 10 limbed starfish. They have various names, including "rotaliths" referring to the most common type encountered, a silicon based form that can survive in hard vaccume. Strains that can live on Garden, Ammonia, and Greenhouse worlds are also present. they are slow and spend much of their time hibernating.

Did humans develop the tech we currently use, or did it come from more advanced aliens?
Humans built our tech from scratch, with a touch of reverse engineering. Human warp drives are simply superior to Alien drives when not using the well worn network of "smooth" routes established by Aliens. Details on that network are fuzzy, but traveling them is the best way to run across aliens, who tend to be hostile. Some other pieces have been stolen on each side.

Should we expect to encounter various earth languages or does everyone speak "human"?
You will encounter various earth languages, but most colonies will speak english. I The exceptions will mostly have english speakers, and be confined to: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French. Interpreters (both human and electronic) will be available. Yes this means computers use weak AI interfaces.

I kind of wanted a bionic limb or two... is it possible if they are just simple (human capability) advanced prosthesis?
hmm... yeah, thats well within earth's original tech base, and an application that would become quite common.

Originally Posted by Talosian View Post
Should specialize raises the question of whether or not this is an optional specialization, or a mandatory one... (Doesn't bother me either way, but it's an important distinction in game terms.)
Its mandatory. You have to learn somewhere. In fact, I should probably outlaw smooth space for PCs. Its not in your system, and humans avoid it.

So beams for large ships, machine guns for fighters, no rockets. No cannons either?
I'm not distingushing between an autocannon and a machine gun, and anything slower than that isn't too likely to hit anything is these battles. They may get used on strafing runs, but not in fighter combat.

Also, how big of a ship are we talking about? Firefly-ish? Crew size?
I'm working that out. Crew size will be small: the players and three or four others. People will come on and go off though. The Ship is mostly cargo space, and should be about SM +10. When unloaded it drops a size class and becomes a MUCH faster ship.

I have sadly seen only one episode of firefly. I believe thats the crew size we want though.
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