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Default Re: [OCC]: Space Merchant

Warp piloting is the same for all ships, unless you're using a special variant (you're not). You should specialize for either "hard" or "smooth" space. You probably want "hard" (off of established routes) which is what humans specialize in anyways.
Should specialize raises the question of whether or not this is an optional specialization, or a mandatory one... (Doesn't bother me either way, but it's an important distinction in game terms.)

Only Gunner (Beams) gets used in Warp combat. Small craft do indeed use machine gun, but not rockets. Fighters are used both in and out of warp, though they are different ships. In fact most dedicated combat ships won't be able to fight both in and out of warp, so navies are built with carriers to ferry the dedicated ships around. Yet another reason why your ability to run will be as important as your ability to fight.
So beams for large ships, machine guns for fighters, no rockets. No cannons either?

good! lots of the action will take place there. I'm thinking that part of the pay for the crew is a small allotment of cargo space. This gets everyone on the ground and gives room for black market dealings. Or badly chosen cargo.


Also, how big of a ship are we talking about? Firefly-ish? Crew size?

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