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Default Re: [OCC]: Space Merchant

Cool beans, I'll submit something as I get a little closer to finished. I have a few questions that will help...

What was the year / TL of Earth before the attack?

Are there any non-humans at these settlements and whatnot? Have we seen the "destroyers of earth that was" since they blew up our blue marble? Any other intelligent species humans interact with?

Did humans develop the tech we currently use, or did it come from more advanced aliens?

Should we expect to encounter various earth languages or does everyone speak "human"?

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I'm trying to fix that this time. Sorry about previous games. Cyber or Bio tech skills are legal, appropriate, and potentially useful, (human bio-engineering is not) but almost all applications are not. Nothing built into the character.
I kind of wanted a bionic limb or two... is it possible if they are just simple (human capability) advanced prosthesis?


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