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Default Re: [OCC]: Space Merchant

We are not using Hyperspace. You do need Navigation (interstellar), and warp piloting and normal piloting are two separate skills, though they default to each other at -3. Fighting occurs with both.

Former combat pilot is a good background. A pilot is good, but I once again need a reason for him to come 'ashore' on every planet.

Beam Weapons are used in ship to ship combat. Guns and beams are used on the ground.
Okay, so Piloting (Warp) in addition to High and Low Performance Spacecraft, Navigation (Space), and Navigation (Interstellar), right? Or is Piloting (Warp) specific to the type of craft? Or would High-Performance Spacecraft only mean fighters, and not even have interstellar travel abilities?

So for ship based combat, only Gunner (Beams) is relevant, correct? Gunner (Cannon, Machine Gun, Rockets) would be only used in Air/Ground/Naval combat? (Assuming the universe has fighter craft, the character was a fighter pilot for awhile, so the armament used by small craft is relevant too.)

I can definitely find a way to get him on the ground.
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