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Default Re: [OCC]: Space Merchant

Matrix Walker
I am indeed still taking on players. You aren't accepted until I see a character sheet, So right now I only have two real submissions.

And yes, a face man black marketeer is an excellent choice.

I'd still like a way to make sure he VISITS every planet. Most the action won't take place on the ship. Also, having a garden planet to yourself is fairly rare. If a pilot saw it he would almost immediately spread word about it. If you want a planet to yourself, a crash works better than abandonment. (it can also explain appearance). Just trying to fit him into the world.

A description of what makes him so horrible looking is also appropriate. (right now I'm seeing a miniature Quasimodo). Hunchback here mostly just makes him distinctive as far as game effects go. (which is probably going to happen anyways, given that he has -4 on appearance).

Also, the character is better built by converting some of the points to IQ or more outdoors-man talent or,perception. you have 30 IQ based skill points providing a +1, which means you can drop all of them by 1, buy 1 IQ, and come out ahead 10 points. Outdoors man has 16 in the top layer, and per has 10.

9 ST is only -5 in this game. ST doesn't mean as much here, and so is cheaper.


I can't find suit familiarity. I assume it raises vacc suit skill by 1 in a specific suit. Thats... quite appropriate for a ships mechanic.

Hacking is considered a cinematic skill... I may allow it, but it won't allow cinematic hacking. It becomes "expert skill (hacking, human systems)", the knowldege of how to break into these things. It will work poorly on systems you're not familiar with. Luckily, most of humanity will use the same computer tech, despite their separation.

A little "physics: warp engines" will go a long way.
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