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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

Originally Posted by testpig View Post
Munchkin Kombat!

On your turn, you can declare "MUNCHKIN KOMBAT!"( instead of kicking down the door), with all munchkins equal level to you. All Munchkins of your equal level then roll their 1d6 Die, the player with the highest roll wins, and advances a level, the player with the lowest roll, loses a level. Tied players cancel each other out, and nothing happens to them.

This can be the winning level. Players can use their Loaded Die card to change the results of this roll.
i like this idea, but would mod it a little. I think it should be one on one, each rolling 3 dice(this allows for the use of all 6 dice). If the totals are the same, it is like a simultaneous knockout and both lose a level.
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