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Default Which cards can be played to the table?

My friends and I have been playing once a week some epic games of Munchkin.
Every week we find out something new happening we haven't encountered and we need some help on some things that have been noticed and/or been called as house rules.

*Before posting I looked up the questions and removed quite a lot*

1.) What cards can and cannot be put on the table from your hand?
Main concern is towards monster cards, race and class cards.

2.) Can you put down a race or class on the table sideways so it doesn't override your current active one? Can class/race cards be traded?

3.) Game Scenario - Everyone but me is level 9, this is a close game. Being really good at feeling out the future of events, I sell cards normally and get to level 9 with nothing else in play but cleric and thief with the super munchkin card. I can feel Divine Intervention coming. Next player plays and goes for a winning kill on the monster, No one can stop him but me with my backstab ability. I ended up discarding cleric to backstab, [generalizing that I cannot discard thief to use thief's ability, which later was researched to be true]. I ended up stopping him but next turn divine intervention came and the other cleric won the game, as I jumped out my chair in a burst of energy.

A lot of different rules probably apply to this questions events.

tl;dr/4.): Could I have discarded super munchkin for thief, turn cleric sideways to keep thief active, and then before the door was kicked on the next turn. Turn Cleric active and would I discard or turn thief sideways?
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