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Default Re: How to avoid broadcasting Choir/Band

Two words: Don't Push.

With a Lilim, it's easy to be too aggressive. After all, they're the classic deal-with-the-devil package ... figure out what they Need, sell it back to 'em and call in the hook. But if you start pushing -- overly curious, overly helpful -- it can be obvious who's on the other end of the line.

Have the Lilim be a friendly girl-next-door. Or shy. Or even someone who needs help out of a bit of trouble, who seems vulnerable. Engage in ordinary conversation and let it go where they will. Most people, in talking with a friendly acquaintance, will mention a thousand minor issues they're having in their life. DON'T immediately jump on it unless it's something relatively small and innocuous that anyone would do (it's probably safe to grab a beer for someone who's just been working six hours in the summer sun), but save up opportunities for later, or look for ways to fulfill their Need behind the scenes.

The subtle Lilim is a long-term worker. Win trust, seem friendly, be helpful in the way a friend's helpful, not in the way a genie is. And unless you want the players to figure it out fast, don't take a Role name that means "Freedom."

One other thing may help. Every so often, I ask my players to give me a list of Needs for their character, from least to most vital, in case they do run into a Tempter or a Gifter. That way, when they do cross paths, I don't have to roll and ask "So, by the way, if you had a CD4 Need, what would it be?"
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