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Default Re: A couple of strange questions

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Okay, that was totally out of left field
I'm surprised. Control over your own body, particularly autonomous functions, has always been part of chi. Erotic Art includes the study of contortion, mental focus, and stamina against exhaustion -- in a way, it could be considered a companion to Body Control.

Anyway, Chinese Elemental Powers will not focus heavily on skills, but it does port the concept of cinematic martial skills (e.g., Breaking Blow and Flying Leap) over to cinematic peaceful skills, by expanding five skills (one for each element): Alchemy (Metal), Erotic Art (Fire), Esoteric Medicine (Taoist) (Earth), Fortune-Telling (Feng Shui) (Water), and Herb Lore (Wood). Tapping into the cinematic "version" of each skill requires certain prerequisites, otherwise you're limited to the realistic "version." (And that's all I'm saying -- you'll have to wait for the book for details, sorry.)

Erotic Art was the most expanded of the five by far, but only because it hasn't had any detailed canonical rules at all until this point! So it gets three full paragraphs of crunch to make up for that fact.
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