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Default Re: Wanted: Disads for Underclass Dwarves

And if any of you are thinking "Bunyip's being unrealistic", I agree. In medieval society, being orphaned was akin to a slow drawn out death sentence.

But... this is about gameplay. The nearest metaphor I could come up with after a think and a sleep was Battlemechs. Whenever someone posts here about how cool mechs are, and how they want to run a game with them in GURPS, I feel obligated to point out the power/weight/energy density issues which would dog a battlemech, not to mention the tactical realities. Or most of the steampunk genre... it's a bucket of fun and frivolity, but it is not very realistic.

So my apologies if I did come across as being grumpy, as I was. The aim of the game is a fun adventure poking the unknown, and surviving an encounter with it. That is what I am trying to facilitate.
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