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Default Re: Face & Neck location damage multiplier

There is a face location hit table in the upcoming loadouts book. It basically summarises the existing rules for face hits and all I did was put a random hit location number on each part. It seems pretty clear to me that a face hit is already worse than a torso hit. There is virtually no chance of not suffering from a secondary effect (even if it is just -5 to knockdown rolls) and the following doesn't even include the 1/6 chance of hitting the brain. I definitely would not support a damage multiplier for the face.

Face Hit Location Table
Helmets can have different attachments covering various parts of the face (see Face Protection, Low-Tech, p. 112). If the face is hit from the front, then roll 1d and consult the following to see which part of the face is hit.
1 – Jaw (-6 to hit): Any crushing hit gives an extra -1 to knockdown rolls. See Martial Arts, p. 137
2 – Nose (-7 to hit): If damage is impaling, piercing, or tight-beam burning, then skull is hit. Any other damage that delivers HP/4 breaks nose. See Martial Arts, p. 137.
3 – Ear (-7 to hit): Any cutting attack that delivers over HP/2 removes the ear. See Martial Arts, p. 137.
4-5 – Cheek (-6 to hit)
6 – Eye (-9 to hit): Any armor surrounding the eyes (e.g. full helm, spectacles) will stop the attack. In order to bypass the armor, the eyes have to be targeted at -10 (see Harsh Realism – Armor Gaps, Low-Tech, p.101).

Note that unless specified, all face injuries get -5 to knockdown rolls. Critical hits use the Critical Head Blow Table. See Basic Set, p. B552 for more detail.
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