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Default Re: Wanted: Disads for Underclass Dwarves


I'm not going to let any of the PCs be alcoholics or drug addicts. Up thread there have been a number of suggestions which I've incorporated into my draft template.

If any of you want to run a campaign with a bunch of alcoholic or drug addict PCs, knock yourselves out*. I'm planning on running a one-off game with a bunch of players pretending to be young dwarves investigating an abandoned mine.

I could say more, but given that I've just edited out a couple of hundred words from this post, on the grounds of decorum and relevancy, I will leave it at that.

*As in "good luck with that" or "hope that is fun for you" or a similar euphemism which is akin to "I'm doing it this way, you can do it your way".
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