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Default Re: Wanted: Disads for Underclass Dwarves

Originally Posted by Luke Bunyip View Post
The PCs are teenagers/twentysomethings, in what is effectively an orphanage. Consider it similar to institutionalised state care. The only RL lens I have for this is the local Juvenile Detention Centre. Two things:
  • they get their food, lodgings and clothing provided for them, and
  • the kids don't just wander around by themselves, and adults don't just wander in and offer alcohol or drugs to them. Given their circumstances, the only thing which the teens etc have to trade is not money, but sexual services.

I am not that interested in developing a setting where some of the characters are effectively potentially child prostitutes, especially as one of the players will be the 13 year old son of a mate of mine.
Plenty of troubled teenagers in state-run care homes use alcohol or other drugs.

And at least here in Denmark, children and teenagers in such care homes are given an allowance, probably based on the thinking that if they have no money to spend as they wish (i.e. on top of the money that the state spends on their housing, care, food and clothes), then they're dangerously likely to get involved with prostitution or crime. Some do spend those money on beer or breezers, or on drugs or huffable canned substances, but others spend the money on toys, candy or movie tickets.
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