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Default Re: Wanted: Disads for Underclass Dwarves

Originally Posted by Maz View Post
... they should have a Duty, potentially -15 or even -20.. also likely Poor, and probably have Low Status on top of Social Stigma.

I think it's a bit boring to give ALL of them overconfidence. One could be Careful, one could be Curious.
Ta on the former. And excellent point on the later. Shall adjust accordingly.

Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
Off the top of my head, Duty, or perhaps some sort of Vow about not returning before proving themselves worthy.
Oh...Vow is good.

Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
Alcoholism - it's bravery in a bottle.
Prior to a source of income, a bit difficult to justify. After they have seen Things No Dwarf Should See, yes... but not quite yet.
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