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Default Re: LONGEST Munchkin game ever!

Originally Posted by PK View Post
The regional final at Dragon*Con a few years ago. The final match had six people and lasted nearly six hours. They all brought and used all of their Munchkin gear (bookmarks, bobbleheads, shirts, coins, etc.) and fought tenaciously the entire time.

In retrospect, the next tourney on that level that I referee, I'm letting in swag for all of the qualifying rounds, but insisting on a "no swag" finale. That'd probably have cut the time by 1/3 at least, easily.
Don't the official tourney rules offer you some assistance in preventing a tsunami of Munchkin promotional knick knacks? I mean, yes, you can say "unlimited" is allowed, but that's opening yourself up to a boat load of heartache and heartbreak, as you've clearly witnessed. . .
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