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Default Re: Divine Favor- specific Gods

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
Then build it out manually, keep the zero-cost features that you desire, remove the ones you don't, add the ones you want and keep on truckin'. None of that affects the pricing of the "Divine Favor" advantage, nor does it affect the pricing of the "Learned Prayers" branched off the "Divine Favor" advantage. You can even keep the name.

Write it out as a "differs from what is published in GURPS Powers - Divine Favor in the following details ..." to save yourself some typing and you're set.
I really don't get what your point is here.
You tried to use the Patron advantage and specifically Minimal Intervention to cover what reaction roll results would be good for. I was pointing out that you can't do that, and why.

I'm not really interested in the 'zero-point feature' issue, and I'm not sure that was what refplace meant. - As per 'New Learned Prayers, Divine Favor, p9', the point cost of an LP binds it to a level of Divine Favor (standard AA rules), and therefore a Reaction result - for an LP to be in a different Reaction result category, you should modify the LP (in the example, by adding Affects Others to Walk on Water) to bring it into the 'correct' Reaction category.
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