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Default Re: Divine Favor- specific Gods

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
Patron (Minimal Intervention) notes that a neutral or better reaction on your request for aid results in the patron giving you what it thinks you need (which may or may not be what you want). It doesn't require anything else.

The idea that it requires a better reaction result to get a better granted power is a zero-cost feature of the Divine Favor trait construction. Changing the "reaction result needed to get effect _foo" criteria for a specific god wouldn't change the cost of the trait so long as the reaction result needed was neutral or better.

Swapping out one zero-cost feature out for a different zero-cost feature doesn't result in a point cost change.
1. While Divine Favor was based on Patron, it is an entirely new and different ability. I'm pretty sure PK said as much on these forums

2. Divine Favor specifically defines what different Reaction result mean for that advantage (p5), you shouldn't 'interpret' them based on those defined for Patron.

3. The box on p9 'New Learned Prayers' is pretty clear that the point cost, which is bound to the Divine Favor level by the Alternate abilities mechanic, is bound to the Minimum Reaction roll. Specifically the notes and example below the table make it quite clear that a Learned Prayers effect (and how miraculous it is), should be reflected by the Minimum Reaction and therefore the Level of Divine Favour and the Point Cost.
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