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Default Re: [DF] Shadowyrm -- One-Shot Beginner Adventure

After having not updated this since July, 2012, I've done some work and will post it in due time. When I first started this project, I had NO experience running (or playing) Dungeon Fantasy. Now that I have some, I can make a much better dungeon adventure.

The adventure is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.

I'd like to include some humans to the adversary list and have decided to add some evil cultists and what not from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchman. Maybe they're in a shadow dragon cult or something.

Also, the map needed some major revision. A large expansion of the north section and an expansion of the explorable area in general has been made. Also, it's been edited so that it fits the hex grid more closely, meaning there's less, "Is that an open hex or not?"

Here is the base of the new Shadowyrm map:

There's no way a beginning-level group can face even a weakling dragon at the end of this dungeon in a combat encounter. Sine most players I've dealt with online will never retreat or even back down, something should be done to prevent the dragon from inflicting a total party kill.

Note that the dwarf knight and Goreblood both now been play tested with a group of four PC's. When flanked by an orc sergeant from DFA1 and equipped as posted above, Goreblood is an extremely lethal foe for beginning-level characters with beginning equipment. Together, they made short work of the dwarf knight posted above. If it weren't for some quick thinking on the wizard's part, he may have done the same to the Holy Warrior next.

I've realized that a good variety of monsters is needed so that all niches can have an equal opportunity to slay. Here's a quick list of monsters that are planned:

Mist Demons            Demon
Shadow Bats            Dire Animal
Skeletons              Undead
Skeleton Warriors      Undead
Ogre Skeleton          Undead
Dire Rats              Dire Animal
Death Weaver Spiders   Dire Animal
Goblins                Mundane
Orcs                   Mundane
Evil Cultists          Mundane
Dark Knights           Mundane
Goreblood              Mundane
Orc Necromancer        Mundane
Shadow Dragon          Mundane

Add: Construct, Elemental, Plant, and Slime.
Here are the mist demons:

Mist Demon

  Formed of cold, wet mist, these vaguely-humanoid demons take many 
shapes and forms, always shifting like smoke in the breeze. Their icy touch 
sends a deathly chill from beyond the grave through their victim's body, deep 
down into their very bones.

ST: 0      HP: 10        Speed: 6.00
DX: 15     Will: 10      Move: 12 (Air)
IQ: 6      Per: 10       SM: 0
HT: 10     FP: N/A       DR: 0
Dodge: 10  Parry: N/A    Block: N/A

Chill Touch (16): 1d fat; Reach C. Ignores DR. Cannot be parried. 

Traits: Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; 
  Fragile (Unnatural); Flight (10-foot ceiling); High Pain Threshold; Immunity 
  to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All mind control); Indomitable; Injury 
  Tolerance (Diffuse; Infiltration, Can wisp under barriers and through tiny 
  holes); Mute; No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (Aerial); Silence 3; 
  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unfazeable.
Skills: Aerobatics-15; Stealth-15.
Class: Demon.
Notes: Affected by True Faith and Pentagram. Unwilling to 
  negotiate. Truly evil.
Here are the cultists, created with DF 15:

Evil Cultist

  Garbed in black robes, the fanatical cultists of Shadowyrm advance 
menacingly, slender, curved swords gleaming in the torchlight. Their faces 
are cruel masks twisted into deep, glaring scowls, a murderous light 
glimmering in their eyes. 

ST: 10        HP: 10        Speed: 5.00
DX: 10        Will: 10      Move: 5
IQ: 10        Per: 10       SM: 0
HT: 10        FP: 10        DR: 0
Dodge: 8      Parry: 9      Block:  N/A

Punch (12): 1d-3 cr; Reach C.
Kick (10): 1d-2 cr; Reach C, 1.
Broadsword (12): 1d+1 cut or 1d imp; Reach 1.
Large Knife (12): 1d-2 cut or 1d-2 imp; Reach C, 1 or 1. Parry -1.

Traits: Callous; Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism); Extreme 
  Fanaticism (Shadow Cult); Fit; No Sense of Humor; Unfazeable.
Skills: Brawling-12; Broadsword-12; Intimidation-11; Knife-12; 
  Observation-10; Occultism-11; Religious Ritual-10; Stealth-10; 
  Theology (Shadow Cult)-10. 
Class: Mundane.
Equipment:Belt (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Torso] $15 0.25
• Gloves (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Hands] $15, 0.5 lb.
• Hooded Heavy Cloak (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Torso] $55, 5.5 lbs.
• Large Knife, Cheap (p. B272) [Torso] $16, 1 lb.
• Personal Basics (p. B288) [Pouch] $5, 1 lb.
• Pouch (p. B288) [Belt] $10. 
• Robe (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Body] $72, 1.2 lbs.
• Shoes (p. B284) [Feet] DR 1*. $40, 2 lbs.
• Thrusting Broadsword, Cheap (p. B271) [Belt] $240, 3 lbs.
• 1dx$10 in silver coins an 1d-4x$100 in gold coins found in belt pouch.
Badass cultist in black armor using the Squire template from Henchmen:

Dark Knight

  Twin slits in the fell knight's lacquered barrel helm reveal only vacant 
shadow as he advances, longsword gripped in gauntleted first, shield raised. 
From beneath the folds of his floor-length black cape, the unholy symbol of 
his evil god witnesses to his abhorrent faith, stitched in red against the 
breast of his midnight-black surcoat.

ST: 13        HP: 13        Speed: 6.00
DX: 13        Will: 10      Move: 3
IQ: 10        Per: 10       SM: 0
HT: 12        FP: 12        DR: 5/3*
Dodge: 9+3    Parry: 10+3   Block:  10+3

Broadsword (15): 2d-1 cut or 1d+2 imp; Reach 1.
Large Knife (13): 1d-2 cut or 1d-2 imp; Reach C, 1 or 1. Parry -1.
Kick (11): 1d+1 cr; Reach C, 1.
Punch (13): 1d-1 cr; Reach C.
Throwing Axe (14): 2d+1 cut; Reach 1. Acc 2, Range 13/19.

Traits: Always looks good in black (Clerics, p. 14); 
  Born War Leader 1; Callous; Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism); Extreme 
  Fanaticism (Shadow Cult); Fit; No Sense of Humor; Shield-Wall Training; 
Skills: Armoury (Melee Weapons)-10; Axe/Mace-14; Brawling-13;
  Broadsword-15; Connoisseur (Weapons)-10; Fast-Draw (Broadsword)-14;
  Intimidation-9; Knife-13; Observation-9; Religious Ritual-8; 
  Riding (Horse)-12; Shield-15; Stealth-12; Strategy-10; Survival-9; 
  Tactics-10; Theology-8; Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace)-14; Wrestling -14.
Class: Mundane.
Equipment:Fine Belt* (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Torso] $45 0.25
• Fine Boots of Solidity* (p. B284) [Feet] $290, 3 lbs. (DR 3* to feet.)
• Fine, Embroidered Ankle-Length Cape* (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Torso] $120, 
  2.4 lbs.
• Fine, Embroidered Surcoat* (Treasure Tables, p. 17) [Torso] $175, 0.5 lb.
• Fine Leather Gloves of Solidity* (p. B284) [Hands] $140. (DR 3* to hands.)
• Thrusting Broadsword (p. B271) [Belt] $600, 3 lbs.
• Large Knife (p. B272) [Torso] $40, 1 lb.
• Unyielding Mail Coif (p. B284) [Skull, Neck] $105, 4 lbs.
• Unyielding Mail Hauberk (p. B283) [Torso, Groin] $280, 25 lbs.
• Unyielding Mail Leggings (p. B283) [Legs] $160, 15 lbs.
• Unyielding Mail Sleeves (p. B283) [Arms] $120, 9 lbs.
• Ornate Barrel Helm of Solidity (p. B284) [Skull, Face] $1,250, 10 lbs. 
  (Lacquered black with dragon wings.)  
• Painted Large Shield of Lightness (p. B287) [Left Hand] $370, 18.75 lbs.
• Personal Basics (p. B288) [Pouch] $5, 1 lb.
• Pouch, Fine Material (p. B288) [Belt] $30. 
• Throwing Axe (p. B271) [Belt] $60, 4 lbs.
• 4dx$10 in silver coins an 2dx$100 in gold coins found in belt pouch.
Total Weight: 96.9 lbs. Medium Encumbrance.
* Fine Material, +2 CF.
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