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Default Re: Hit locations as Disadvantages


Decide what the hit location is going to look like: what its to hit penalty is, what weapons can reach it, what it's wounding modifier is, and what advantages are contingent on it, and how many locations must be destroyed with what degree of damage to disable the advantage.

Able to hit it:
Calculate the base Vulnerability cost:
Calculate the cost of the damage as Vulnerability or IT: DR.

Calculate the Size-adjusted Vulnerability cost
Apply a modifier of -10% per -1 to hit to the base Vulnerability.

Calculate the Damage Utility:
Subtract 150 (the value of "takes damage") modified by the defense limitation on attacks that hit from the base Vulnerability cost.

Each Advantage:
Calculate the Effective HP:
Effective HP = (HP of location for 12 HP character)*Damage Utility/150.

Calculate Limitation for Effective HP using gadget DR table.

Calculate Limitation for to hit penalty using gadget to hit table.

Determine if the hit location is "unique"(-25%), "difficult to repair" (-15%), "A hassle to Repair (-5%)" or none of the above.

Calculate Limitation for back-up locations: +10% for the first and +5% for each afterwards.

subtract 10% if another disadvantage is linked to this location worth 50% or more of the current advantage.

subtract Damage Utility/15 %, less 5% if the damage to the location is capped.

Reverse the sign on the total modifier, and multiply it by the advantage. This is the Advantage Hit Value

The total cost of the hit location is Size-adjusted Vulnerability cost/5 + all the Advantage Hit Values. If the disads vary depending on the amount of damage price them as alternate abilities.
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