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I think that in today's contracted RPG market and with SJ Games limited resources, such a venture is unlikely. However, historical precedent suggests SJ Games may occasionally choose to develop licensed GURPS versions of other tabletop RPG backgrounds, such as their versions of World of Darkness, Goblins, Bunnies & Burrows, Traveller, Deadlands, Castle Falkenstein and Blue Planet (plus computer games Myth and Alpha Centauri).

The choice of which game universes were adapted range from the widely popular from a big company (World of Darkness from White Wolf) to highly obscure (Goblins, from a small company in New Zealand).

As such, all that can be said is that SJ Games has, in the past, made deals with companies large and small to adapt materials, but it hasn't done so in several years, with the exception of the ongoing Traveller license.

In the current climate, my guess would be that the sort of tabletop game most likely thing to be adapted would be something that SJ or perhaps Phil are personally fond of that is produced by an individual or company they have a very good relationship with, and which is either inexpensive or has a high chance of being profitable, i.e., the Traveller model. Whether Pathfinder's world fits that criteria I have no idea.
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