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Default Re: [DF] Limited Teleport Spell: an acceptable option?

Here's how I'd rewrite the spell for DF:

Teleport (VH)
Instantly moves the caster to another location. However, the farther away the target spot, the greater the energy cost and the stiffer the skill penalty, as follows:

Distance		Cost	Skill Penalty
Up to 10 yards		3	0
Up to 20 yards		4	-1
Up to 100 yards		5	-2
Up to 500 yards		6	-3
Up to 2 miles		7	-4
Up to 10 miles		8	-5
Up to 100 miles		9	-6
Up to 1,000 miles	10	-7
×10 distance		+1	-1
You may only teleport to a place that you can see. If your Vision roll to see that spot would be at a penalty, then you must attempt a Vision roll at that penalty; if you fail but cast Teleport anyway, the spell fails automatically. Failure is likewise guaranteed if the destination is completely concealed from you: behind an enemy or a wall, over the horizon, etc. You can use vision-assisting magic or remote viewing to "see" your objective – whether this means using Dark Vision in the dark or Wizard Eye to scout ahead – but this gives an extra -2 to the Teleport roll.

This spell is dangerous, too. If you fail your roll by 1, you suffer 1d of injury and arrive at your destination physically stunned (HT roll to recover). If you miss by more than 1, you are uninjured but go somewhere else. The location is up to the GM! A critical failure can send the caster anywhere the GM likes – make it interesting! – and cause physical injury, as long as it doesn't kill the caster outright.

Even a successful teleport can be confusing. The wizard must roll vs. Body Sense (p. B181) in order to act on the turn in which he teleports. Failure means disorientation – no actions except defense are possible on that turn. Critical failure means he falls down, physically stunned. A teleporter arrives in the same position he started in. He may be facing a different direction, but this makes the Body Sense roll harder: -2 to change facing, -5 to go from vertical to horizontal or vice versa!

Teleportation isn't subtle, either. On arrival, there's a bright flash and a loud pop. This prevents stealthy use of the spell, and gives even those looking away from the destination a Per+4 roll to hear the noise and/or see the reflected light. In worlds where this spell is known, anybody who succeeds will suspect a teleporter.

Anything carried on your person, up to Basic Lift, goes with you. Regardless of how strong you are, you cannot take anyone with you.

This is also a Gate spell.
Prerequisites: Either IQ 13 or better and at least one spell from 10 different colleges, or Hawk Flight.
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