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Default Slightly confused NOOB questions

Hello. New to the game. Me, my friend, and my two kids played last Saturday. It was fun, but we got bogged down a lot. I've done a lot of reading since then, but a couple of things still escape my grasp, and not finding a decent YouTube video about the game has been rough as none of us has played before.

I've read the entire FAQ which was VERY helpful. But I still have a couple of questions, so here goes....

1. Do you have to put an item into play? Can you just keep it in your hand until you need it if you have less than 5 cards? What if I have 2 big items in my hand (of my 5 cards) and one big item, the giant rock say, in play as a human? Is this okay?

2. One shot items like potions and other things without a value on the bottom. Can these be put in play in order to bring my total cards down to 5 in my hand? I'd like to keep some things a secret to use from my hand, but if it's a choice between that or discarding to the low player (charity), I'd rather have it out in front of me. There was a wall card I had too. Is that played out in front of me, or do I need to keep it in my hand until I need to use it?

3. Kneepads of Allure. Is this an item that you play in front of you and considered armor? Footwear? One shot? And, I think, I have to have it in play in front of me before I start/enter combat. Or can I be losing a combat, put it in play, then make someone help me for the win? Then it stays in play?

I'm re-reading everything from the top, and I know I'll have more Q's when we play again.

Thanks for the help!
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