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Default [OOC] Dungeon Fantasy -- Gorefest Dungeon


Looking to start a really quick dungeon to help me balance combat encounters for a generic, standard Dungeon Fantasy party of three to five player characters. Casual posting rate, but I'd like to see a post a day out of everyone including myself.

To be clear, I'd like to run a very plain hack-and-slash dungeon with very little role playing, no background story or creative descriptions, and really no rhyme or reason for monster, treasure or trap placement.

Here's an example of the first floor:

Besides fun, the main reason I'm running this is to get some experience as a GM in regards to combat balance. There will be some traps, too, to test their effectiveness and lethality.

Character Creation:

Please use only the Basic Set, Magic, and DF 1-3. Please do not use other sources, including Pyramid or other DF or GURPS books such as Low Tech or Martial Arts.

Characters are to be created on the standard 250 point budget with a -50/-5-point disadvantage limit.

Follow the templates to the letter.

Please, please, please try to create very generic characters representative of beginner player knowledge, not super munchkins to astound the most experienced GURPS scholar. Remember, I'm trying to balance combat encounters so incredibly clever (or terrible) builds won't help me. Yes, you can make a Dwarf knight. Yes you can make a Pixie wizard or scout. But please, show some restraint and have some sense about it. We don't need any "monkey" builds; dodge/parry monkeys especially.

We need a Knight, a Wizard and a Thief. After that, I'd like to see a good, balanced team of five PC's.

You CAN play more than one character, but wait until your first submission is accepted before submitting another.

There quite possibly will be PC advancement, most likely in the form of, "You get 10 character points to spend as you like and $20,000."

There will be treasure. Perhaps a lot if this pans out.


First to submit a finished character and be accepted: 10 character points or third place prize.

Second to submit a finished character and be accepted: 5 character points for use on skills or third place prize.

Third to submit a finished character and be accepted: One weapon from the Basic Set or DF 1 appropriate for your character that is also of fine quality (+2 to +9 CF). First place winners who take this option can chose up to +30 CF of weapon modifiers instead, and second place up to +20 CF.

Fourth to submit a finished character and be accepted: A 1-point Bless spell (Magic, p. 129) enchanted onto an item of choice -- item sold separately!

Thanks for considering and I hope to see you in the Gorefest Dungeon!
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