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So... I'm a little new to Munchkin but have played a few games. My group often found it frustrating to draw numerous class and race cards with decks seeming unbalanced at times depending on the luck of the draw. Plus who has ever played a D&D game without first having a character? So we changed things up a little to make just about every new door an adventure...

Drankin House Rules:
1. Setup as normal but separate out all of the races and classes
(or similar cards depending on the set)
2. At the beginning of the game each players draws one race and one class card which must be played at the beginning of their turn. (I've put them into sleeves to distinguish them from the other cards).
3. Game then plays as normal with a few additional modifications...

Additional Rule Modifiers:
A. If a card is played allowing for an additional hybrid class or race, select another card from the appropriate pile.
B. If a card removes your class or race, it's now gone unless a card overrides.
C. At any time during a player turn, they may opted to sacrifice their character (via Death) losing all of their cards, bonuses, etc to start over fresh at their existing level. Each of the other players may take one item from their sacrificed (Dead) corpse all of cards are discarded. The "Dead" player now select a new race, class, draw six cards and their turn is over.
D. You get to now keep six cards in your hand...

I own the following:

Munchkin Deluxe
- The board helps for those that have no vision...
Munchkin 4 - The Need for Steed
- Riding things is cool!
Munchkin Monster Enhancers
- It's always more fun to be cruel to your neighbor.
Munchkin Reloaded
- Extra enhancements...
Munchkin Conan
- The back of the cards match... Horay... (I'm anal like that...)
- Added because they have a Human like race!
- I made the Barbarians and Nobles a class.
- The box also fits inside of the Munchkin Deluxe Box which help with sorting; I like keeping my cards all together (Another anal thing...)

Now I'm only missing a few blank cards to add to the fun...
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