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Default Re: The 2013 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

  • Transhuman Space: Wings of the Rising Sun (by David Chart; art progress as of May 11th; has a [unknown] set release date/art deadline; Looks like a probable 2014 release.)

  • Unnamed Project (by Sean Punch; secret project in the works; is a few days away from completion; has been turned into Steven; Is now with PK for editing.)

Final Draft

Playtesting/Peer Review/Staff Review
  • Unnamed Dungeon Fantasy Project (by Sean Punch; "very short GURPS Dungeon Fantasy item that might end up a free game aid, a Pyramid article, or a low-priced supplement, depending on how it comes out.")
  • Unnamed GURPS Power-Ups Supplement 2: (by Sean Punch. Has just started writing it; is at 18,000 words; has made it to the 28,000 word mark and is now being tidied up; is being reviewed by PK and Steven.)

First Draft
  • Placeholder

On Indefinite Hold/Rumor/Vaporware

That's 21 possible future releases that have been discussed thus far (this does not include entries under the on indefinite hold/rumor/vaporware heading).

Note: This information was originally assembled by Jalapeno Dude here, I revamped it recently.
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