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Default Re: The 2013 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
I expect to see some OGRE support Real Soon Now, timed to match the release of the big box.

On the flip side, I think we In Nomine fans are probably going to go through a dry spell this year - all the back catalog is already up on e23, and there's no rumours of new content in the pipeline. (Wishes, yes - I can think of a baker's-dozen possible titles and possible writers for two of those thirteen supplements off the top of my head - but no rumours.)

As for GURPS... there'll always be Pyramid at the very least.
I'd really like to see a In Nomine reboot to 4th edition myself. Hopefully we'll get some GURPS content soonish.

Originally Posted by Proteus View Post
Actually, it makes far more sense to let jalapeno_dude start the new thread. That way, the thread will begin with his regularly-edited posts, rather than with soon-outdated chatter.

As for my own contribution to the chatter, since Ogre is still distending the body of the SJG production snake, and I believe that some of the much-needed vacations announced earlier were pushed back due to Ogre delays, I'm not counting on much new GURPS content until Valentine's Day or thereabouts. May I be pleasantly surprised instead.
And the mod's could just as easily merge it if JD feels the need. I'm hoping we might get something before February myself but you're probably right.
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