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Default Discard/Gift Non-Items

Just got Munchkin for Christmas, and am really liking it.

The rules specifically say that you can trade carried Items, but you cannot trade other cards (i.e. non-Items or Items in your hand). In the "Asking for help" section, it also is very clear that you may only use carried Items or prospective treasure to bribe someone.

Where it does not make this specific distinction, is when it says you may simply give an Item to another player who wants it. Can you give away non-Items if it is not a bribe or trade? Say someone is still Level 2, I'm already Level 9, and I just want to give them my "Go Up A Level" card, but I only have 4 cards in my hand so I don't get a Charity phase.

Likewise, it says you may not discard Item cards "just because". Can you discard non-Items at any time? If I pick up a Monster card while Looting the Room, and again I only have 4 cards in my hand, can I discard it instead of keeping it?
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