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Default Re: What is connected to what

Originally Posted by dworldjumper View Post
I understand that certain thing are connected to each other.

Engineering is connnected to Power plant and fuel

Electronics everything that uses electricity to run?

Crew well that is self explanatory I would guess

Where to you put Pods and other things like that Body?
The various locations other than the general Body are mostly a matter of making a neat sheet and not function (at least of the program).

The main things that will go in an Electronics section are the items from the Repository Tree area of Instruments/Electronics.

In real world vehciles Pods are mostly seen as parts of Wings and hold The engines. On zeppelins the Pods were connected to the Body or sometimes a "Superstructure: that actually represented a gondola attached to the underside of the body.

In smple vehicles like a modern car you just dump everything into the general Body.
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