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Default Requests for Official Answers to Rule Questions - READ THE FIRST POST

This thread is for people to request official answers to rule questions.

Read the following ground rules and follow them. We will ignore and quite possibly delete your post if you don't.

1) This is not for NEW questions. This is for questions you have previously asked that have not been answered to your satisfaction by MunchkinMan, Devin Lewis, or me.

2) If it's been less than a week, don't post here.

3) Don't restate the whole discussion and argument; post the specific question and LINK to the post where you give all the gory details. The format for links is {URL=}Text of question.{/URL}, except you use square brackets instead of curly ones. You can link to a specific post by clicking the post number in the top right corner of the message pane, which opens it in a new window or tab.

4) Only the person who originally asked the question should link to the question, unless it's really stale and no one else seems to be bringing it back up. But check this thread to make sure before posting!

5) NO DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD. Not even restating the argument. Links to questions only.

6) From time to time (not regularly and probably not frequently), one or another of us will look through here and answer one or more of the questions. Understand that posting the link here just gives us a quick way to find the question again; it does not guarantee a timely response, nor does it obligate us to answer them in any specific order. Questions that deal with weird mashup situations, Epic rules, or non-SJ Games sets are especially likely to take extra time, as they require more research and more thought.

7) When we have looked at the post and answered it, or if we look at it and think the answers already posted are sufficient, we'll delete the post so this thread stays fresh and the only things in it are things we haven't dealt with yet. If you disagree with our answer, the place to argue it is in the original thread, not here.
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