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Default Re: GURPS Releases seem to be slow?

  • GURPS Vehicle Design will be along when it comes along. There's no contradiction between these statements:
    1. "We're working on it, progress is being made, and it will definitely be published."
    2. "We have no idea when, exactly, we'll get the final draft, how long that will be in production, or what the release date might be."
    The first is a concrete statment of action and intent; the second is a necessarily unreliable prediction about the schedule for the outcome of that action and intent. Such is the world of the small press.

  • GURPS After the End is on hold because there's discussion to be had within the company regarding whether we want to support a fourth worked-genre series (alongside Action, Dungeon Fantasy, and Monster Hunters) right now, and whether After the End will interfere with a possible GURPS Survivors someday, as that item is still on SJ's personal long- to very-long-term list. Discussion is unlikely to resume before Ogre is printed and distributed, several Munchkin projects get out the door, and we've cleared the GURPS backlog I listed above.
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