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Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
1. This "movement" is just one of the usual cycles of nostalgia, wherein older hobbyists look at what younger hobbyists are doing and go "Bah!"
Yes, but you must acknowledge that back in my day we used to roll dice through the snow, ten miles, uphill both ways.

Originally Posted by Toadkiller_Dog View Post
Finally I'll note that while my own influence from 1st edition AD&D and 1st edition Basic Set/Expert Set D&D is strong, so is my influence from Rolemaster, so is my influence from the Unearthed Arcana era of AD&D (I for one loved it, and ran my longest and best AD&D game with UA classes and races), and so is my influence from video games. My GURPS influence is the strongest, perhaps - I've been running GURPS for longer than all the D&D and Rolemaster I played, combined. I'm less high-powered video game inspired than Sean Punch is, which is probably why the book we co-authored covers both high and low powered adventurers, but I'm not writing to purely emulate D&D. Just to emulate some of the fun I had playing it and playing other fantasy games.
We certainly all bring our own baggage with us. Treasure Tables, for example, was inspired by things like certain kinds of old typeset, list-packed Judges' Guild books and the booklet of tables I picked up to go with my d30 years ago (even then, largely generic fantasy gaming resources). And Mirror of the Fire Demon comes from years of playing many fantasy games, like GURPS, TFT, BRP-derived games, and various ampersand games (white box and Advanced D&D, T&T, C&S, etc.), and most of them heavily house-ruled. Is D&D in the mix? Sure. But it's an ingredient, not the main body. Like Peter, the majority of my gaming experience has been in non-D&D systems.
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