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Default Trauma from the Marches

Originally Posted by naraht View Post
3) Can you be sent to Trauma from Combat in the Ethereal Plane?
Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
That depends on what sort of combat you get into. There's always somebody out there who thinks he's badass enough to challenge a Celestial to Celestial Combat, no matter which plane they're on... and occasionally he's right.
Celestial Combat won't send you into Trauma - it's a highway to oblivion via Force stripping. Even losing all Corporeal Forces won't kill you physically (though on a maximum of 0 body hits, you can never regain consciousness) unless something else has already damaged you: and even then you aren't present for the Vessel's death, so don't suffer trauma.

Generally anything that normally does corporeal damage does ethereal damage when used in the Marches - a possible exception is Kiss of Death (IN p159) which is a Will attack that specifies that it does physical damage.

It's an interesting thought - perhaps Saminga could have an Attunement that allows this? It would make sense given his Word, his Egyptian connections, and the mutual antipathy between Saminga and Beleth.
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