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Default Re: [RPM] Blasting with RPM--something that works better than you'd think?

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
How do you stat such a thing? Could you give an example?

I have a RPM and gun user who wouldn't mind carrying such a thing around at times
Sure! We used something like this:

Boom-Boom Round
Spell Effects: Greater Create Energy.
Inherent Modifiers: Damage, Burning Explosive.
Greater Effects: 1 (3).

This spell is usually cast as a bullet charm, increases the damaging power of a individual round. This adds 10d burning explosive damage as a follow-up to the actual damage of the bullet. The target must be within 100 yards of the caster for the charm to take effect.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Energy (6) + Lesser Control Magic (5) + Damage, external 10d burning explosive (16) + Range, 100 yards (10). 111 energy (373).
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