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Default Re: Can Celestials Have Kids?

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
APG pp 84-85. However, the bit about the Grigori was errata'd out.
That makes sense because the entry didn't.

My non-canon explanation of the whole Grigori/pregnancy thing was that the Grigori were the first and ONLY choir of angels really sent to deal with humans (Maybe the Archs wanted to limit their exposure)

So originally, they were given human BODIES, not vessels. That made them more emotionally prone to manipulation by the wiles of wicked wimmins (and mens) and allowed them

But the logical problem I am facing is wouldn't just swapping the vessels for bodies fix the problem?

Or perhaps they used an earlier form of Earthly Transportation, where the soul and the vessel were more tightly tied together ala men.

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