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Default Re: [OCC] Poll : What makes a good PbP game? (will be applied)

To answer my own questions:

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post

Genre: Fantasy, DF, Science Fiction, Supers, Space Opera and others. Which make you say "I've got to play this", and which do you particularly avoid?
I've had enough dungeon fantasy, and probably won't be playing with any of that, and I'm not interested in horror. Science Fiction is my current love, and a low diversity travel campaign is a delight.

Activities Planned: Do you prefer solving puzzles? or is it combat that enthuses you? How important is character development? Is negotiation an enjoyable part of play?
I enjoy manipulating the world, so mostly social interaction, though I am also found of big battles sprinkled in there. (Battles, not fights: I like to feel like I changed something).

Supplement materials: Which sets of rules make or break a PbP game for you? This includes Cinematic vs Realistic, G:Magic, Thuamology, Supers, Psionic Powers, DF, MH, MA, and so forth.
I don't own either DF or MH, so RPM usually means I can't play. I'm not too found of those genres anyway though. I love Thaumology, and prefer realism.

Plot: how important is the plot? do you avoid games without it, and only go for ideas that sound cool? do you prefer just wandering around letting characters make their own decisions? And is this question even an issue?
I can make a plot, just as long as the GM lets me do something other than what's on the rails. Its not a huge issue, but I like to try weird solutions to things.

Power Level: Do you love working with mounds of points? is such a prospect dull to you? does it matter by genre? similarly, (but not the same) do you enjoy being world shakers, or do you want to deal with peers? or is this even an issue?
I don't really mind point values too much, though limits on what kind of characters can be created are a good idea. I hate feeling like I have to get into a munchkinry contest.

House Rules: Are they annoying or wonderful? If depends, what determines this? or are they just all par for the course?
never been on the player's end. I tend to institute them a lot in my games, though, which is why I'm asking about them now.

Gaming Group: Different players and GMs cause games to behave differently. when using PbP on this forum, how important is who is already playing in the game, or GMing it?
So far it hasn't been important.
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