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Default Re: [OCC] Poll : What makes a good PbP game? (will be applied)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
What makes a good Play by Post game?

this question has two purposes: the first is to allow GM's (such as myself) to guide PbP games in directions that are funnest for the players, and to avoid mistakes. The second is to allow the building of a one-shot adventure, assuming I like GMing with the parameters suggested (yes, I'm GMing two already. This would be a brief spurt during a period when I have a lot of time).

There are a set of questions I specifically want to know. Please mention specifically what gets you excited for a game, and what makes you think you don't want to play. Remember that this is NOT gaming in general, but merely when using Play by Post. Also tell me which of these is the most important.

Genre: Fantasy, DF, Science Fiction, Supers, Space Opera and others. Which make you say "I've got to play this", and which do you particularly avoid?
I would like to see more morally slighted games. Where we are not always the good guys. I would like to see more High or Low fantasy games, IE more structered games where people do not have the freedom to make what they want. I have seen some whacky munchcined crap on here.

Activities Planned: Do you prefer solving puzzles? or is it combat that enthuses you? How important is character development? Is negotiation an enjoyable part of play?
All the above.

Supplement materials: Which sets of rules make or break a PbP game for you? This includes Cinematic vs Realistic, G:Magic, Thuamology, Supers, Psionic Powers, DF, MH, MA, and so forth.
I tend to enjoy more cinematic. I am also seeing with my failing games that being mroe a rules nazi is tending to be bad.

Plot: how important is the plot? do you avoid games without it, and only go for ideas that sound cool? do you prefer just wandering around letting characters make their own decisions? And is this question even an issue?
Plot is important to me.

Power Level: Do you love working with mounds of points? is such a prospect dull to you? does it matter by genre? similarly, (but not the same) do you enjoy being world shakers, or do you want to deal with peers? or is this even an issue?
I tend to like more points to work with.

House Rules: Are they annoying or wonderful? If depends, what determines this? or are they just all par for the course?
I am starting to find out that not everyone follows the rules or cares about them so if there are house rules, they should be stated.

Gaming Group: Different players and GMs cause games to behave differently. when using PbP on this forum, how important is who is already playing in the game, or GMing it?
Not very much to me. If the game is good I will stick with it. However I abour god-modding and Meta gaming, and these stupid If, then posts.

Other issues: what other issues strongly effect how well a pbp game runs?
I think players who argue and fight with the GM tend to ruin a game. I know that players are smart and know what they are doing, but when they argue with the gm is ruins it. The gm is the final say, what he says goes no matter what the rules say. I see a lot of people on here who do not respect the GM.

Thank you for your answers,

Eric the Red
Answered In bold in each section.
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