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Default Re: Can Celestials Have Kids?

Originally Posted by JCD View Post
So...the text implies that Grigori in Vessels can mate together, though the Archdean...I mean Angel of Cutting Text might disagree...Though it makes an interesting arena for gaming.[...]
I wonder what would happen if two Celestials in Vessels both used the Celestial Song of Fruition.
If there's an Intervention, the GM get creative. Otherwise, it doesn't work -- Fruition is better-translated (if less poetically) as "the Song of crossbreeding with humans." No human, no crossbreeding.

Unless, y'know, the GM wants to make a variation to be a McGuffin, considering how many Archangels and Princes would scream (or at least twitch) at the thought of celestials and/or ethereals running around creating little private Outcast/Renegade/ethereal armies on their own. Starting with vessels from day one.

Maybe some powerful ethereal (BTW, "The Guardians" movie -- how's that sounding for ethereals?) is capturing Outcasts and Renegades, sticking Will Shackles on them, and using them for breeding stock, having discovered a way to make ethereal crossbreeds with celestials? (Minimum benefits: start with a vessel, have more Forces.) What if the ethereal is planning on breeding something with a similar Image, then using Assumption Combat to take it over, lather, rinse, repeat, until the ethereal is potent enough with celestial "strands" to attempt Assumption Combat with Lucifer? Or God? Or both in succession?

Even if you think that won't work, it might get kind of potent. (O HAI LEGION!)

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