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Default Re: [OCC] Poll : What makes a good PbP game? (will be applied)

I myself are interested in games of cthuluesqe horror and survival. Maybe in some more light scoobiesque mysteries solving or detective games also. It doesn't matter much if its PBP or some other game.
As for point range - I would like something that is not too massive as the creation of characters would take too long, also previously mentioned genres support more "normal" levels. Id say from 0 to 500 :D, from shocked couchpotatoes trying to survive monsters on a field trip gone awry to preppy teenage vampire hunters with moderate superpowers :P.
For consideration of PBP games. I myself like rolling but on these sorts of games it would be probably good to keep it down a bit as it might ease and speed up posting. Adventures and trials that can be solved non-linearily and doesn't always require participations by all players would be suggested - also because of the form of the play. I do love combats but they would be one of the more demanding things in PBP - probably a good idea to set up some time limit (like say day ort two) after which playres turn will be done by a predetermined action (like wait or allout defence).
Somekind of investigation etc. plots might lend themselves better to PBP - let say if someone says how they are going to go do some liobrary search and someone else how they are questioning people on the town, then later their posting times can float a bit relative to eachoter. Not so well with a combat sequence.
So I'd guess these kind of actions might suit better a pbp game - invention and gadgeteering, magic and mundane research, preparing elaborate rituals etc., managing and administrating your store/corporation/intergalactic empire.
So it might be good to look playstyles and genres that suit these kind of actions.
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