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Default Re: GURPS Fantasy or DF?

In general, the Dungeon Fantasy titles aren't best bought in release order. I'd recommend the character-oriented supplements in this sequence: DF 1: Adventurers for the basics; then DF 15: Henchmen for lower-powered starting conditions; then a tossup between DF 3: The Next Level, DF 5: Allies, and DF 11: Power-Ups, all of which lean toward higher-powered games, the best choice depending on whether you prioritize nonhuman races, pets, or extra abilities, respectively; and finally the guides to professions that interest your players: DF 4: Sages, DF 7: Clerics, DF 9: Summoners, DF 12: Ninja, and/or DF 14: Psi. The volumes for GMs work best in this order: DF 2: Dungeons for the basics, then DF Monsters 1 for things to fight, then DF 8: Treasure Tables for rewards for fighting, and finally DF 6: 40 Artifacts if you need more rewards or DF 10: Taverns if you want to flesh out where the gold is spent. DF 13: Loadouts is a special case . . . for it to make the most sense, get it after you have both DF 1 and DF 8. It's hard to say how to interpolate the player and GM items, but I'd probably go with getting the GM's supplements up to DF 8 (so DF 2, DFM 1, and DF 8) before starting in on the players' guides.
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