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Default Re: Hearts- Heaven vs. Hell.

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
1) I suspect it might, depending on how much effort it takes for a Superior to make a Heart.

2) Not in canon, if I recall correctly (and I haven't slipped into one of Archangel Beth's parallel realities). Again if I recall correctly, holding a Heart gives you a mental image of the Celestial for whom it was made - it doesn't put you in touch with that Celestial. (If it did, then bringing Celestials out of Trauma would be much easier...)

3) A Heart is always useful - it's the only thing that keeps a Celestial from going to Limbo if he's sent into Trauma for whatever reason.
2) The writeup on hearts in Hell in the Basic book talks about if you grab another demon's heart it will be too hot to hold. Grabbing another Angel's heart on the other hand is just fine..

3) Can you be sent to Trauma from Combat in the Ethereal Plane?
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